February 15     .     18, 2019 (all day)


Is Pentecost only a historical event, or is Pentecost an encounter with God for every generation to live out? We believe we must intentionally cultivate Pentecost, and we've designed an entierely new winter retreat for this purpose: spiritual saturation and practical teaching to empower students by the Holy Spirit for a more effective witness. This weekend is for the leader and student looking to deepen their walk with Christ, discover spiritual gifts, and sharpen their witness for personal evangelism, campus ministry, and world missions. What could happen in a setting like this with a generation asking God for more? Join us for Empowered, Februrary 15-18, 2019.

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The Empowered schedule has been uniquely designed to allow studnets to connect with God and each other while being trained for evangelism and spiritual formation. Those that have attended our summer camps in the past will notice a similar format with a deeper spiritual emphasis.

Gerritt & Tara Kenyon
Gerritt and Tara are missionaries to the emerging youth culture of Panama. Upon visiting Panama in 2008, the Kenyons sensed a stirring among the young people of this progressive country. They thirst for fulfillment in their lives that cannot be met by the booming commerce so rapidly changing the face and economy of this small nation. Within their collectively spiritual culture, they seek to grow that spiritually. Through high school assemblies and presentations, the Kenyons offer Jesus as the only one who can quench their thirst. 

As a result of their ongoing presence in the high schools of Panama, an even deeper matter has emerged. Many, too many, of the studnets with whom they have the privilege of praying, recount stories of horrific abuse that has deconstructed their identities and has left them purposeless and hopeless. Believing God has brought them to Panama to minister to these broken-hearted, the Gerritt and Tara launched El Refuge, an outreach center that offers resources, counseling, hope, and healing. 

The Kenyons host AIM teams from all over the US to do outreach to schools throughout the year in preparation for an annual Youth Conference that reaches thousands of teenagers in Panama. Arizona will be leading a team in 2019 for a third consecutive year in July, and we're honored to have the Kenyons with us for Empowered to train our studnets for a more effective withness through the power of the Holy Spirit. For more information about AIM Panama in 2019, visit our event page. 

Ryan Montague, Phd
Ryan R. Montague is an associate professor of communication studies at Azusa Pacific University. He is an interpersonal communication scholar, which means he focuses on the initiation, development, and sustainability/dissolution of personal relationships. Montague teaches interpersonal communication, family communication, and research methods.  

Montague is slightly obsessed with the analysis of the “afterlife of a conversation,” which refers to the lasting impact a conversation has on a person or relationship long after it occurs. He firmly believes that we, as a collective, need to approach every conversation as if it has the potential to change the trajectory of either our life or the life of the person with whom we are communicating. He affirms that the best way to accomplish this is by developing a grand passion for people, expanding our ability to make insightful distinctions in conversation, and consistently striving to bring about positive outcomes in our relationships.  

Montague uses a quote from famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl to guide his teaching and advising: “The meaning of my life is to help others find the meaning of theirs.” He became a professor because he experienced a calling to help the next generation of college students discover their true passions and desires in life. Furthermore, Montague strives to help students find a way to set themselves up for a promising career that capitalizes on their unique strengths, passions, and desires.

Compel Worship
Compel Worship (formerly Forever Young Worship) is the music of Compel Church in Glendale, Arizona. 

Early-Bird Registration: Postmarked by 1/31 (two weeks prior)
Deposit: $50*
Student Registration: $155**
Adult Leader Registration: $105
Youth Pastor/Spouse: FREE

After 1/31 (two weeks prior)

Student Registration: $175
Adult Leader Registration: $115
Youth Pastor/Spouse: FREE

Call 602-343-4000 or e-mail bgraff@azag.org with questions.

*Deposit: $50
**$155 is the early-bird rate (expires two weeks prior to the event). The full price is $175.
Deposit applies to each attendee and secures their registration spot (including adult leaders). Deposits are applied to the full price of Empowered and must be paid by the eary-bird deadline to hold spots. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferrable to another student. After the early-bird deadline, spots with deposits that are not paid in full are released.

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