What is AIM? 

We go to the nations every year on short-term mission trips through Ambassadors In Mission (AIM),  the short-term youth missions program of the Assemblies of God. We encourage every student to go on a foreign mission trip before they graduate high school.

AIM trips can either be stateside or international. AIM started in 1966 and now nearly 10,000 students participate on these trips each year. AIM is a coordinated effort between students, leaders, missionaries and host churches. With Assemblies of God missions in over 250 countries, the opportunities are endless

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We have a unique privilege of ministering right here in Northern Arizona in the Navajo Nation, partnering with our Native American churches and pastors. I had the priviledge of leading an AIM trip of students and leaders all across Arizona with National Native Youth Director, Rev. Jackie Holgate in Flagstaff, AZ. We will be serving the vision of our Native Pastors and their communities on the Navajo Nation. This is a great opportunity for both rookie and veteran AIM students to deploy for ministry in an affordable/domestic missions experience.

Learn more about Navajo Nation:   https://vimeo.com/92355019


We had the privilege for a third consecutive year to serve AG World Missionaries, Gerritt & Tara Kenyon. We have been invited back to Panama City to serve the ministry of El Refuge, reaching the emerging youth culture by sharing the gospel in public high schools through ethics and character presentations as well as hosting for a nation-wide youth conference to several thousand teenagers across Panama. There is a thirst among the youth for fulfillment in their lives that cannot be met by the booming commerce so rapidly changing the face of the economy of this small nation.



If you would like to lead a team or go on a future AIM trip, e-mail bgraff@azag.org or call 602-343-4004.


AIM started in 1966 and now nearly 10,000 students participate on these trips each year. AIM is a coordinated effort between students, leaders, missionaries and host churches. With Assemblies of God missions in over 250 countries, the opportunities are endless.

There are 5 requirements for using the term "AIM".

  • 1. Receive an invitation in writing from the AGWM missionary you will work with for international trips or the district and/or home missionary for domestic trips.
  • 2. Notify your Network Youth Director (Griffin McGrath) in writing of your trip plans.
  • 3. Complete the AIM Outreach Form. FAX or mail the form and invitation to the national AIM office at least 60 days prior to your trip.
  • 4. Obtain short-term trip insurance from Brotherhood Mutual (800.876.4994) for overseas trips. For stateside trips, contact Special Markets Insurance Consultants (800.818.7642 ext. 3). Be sure to ask for "AIM Travel Insurance".
  • 5. Complete the AIM Outreach Report/Total Missions Giving Credit form and return it to the national AIM office no later than 30 days after the completion of your trip. This form is available in the AIM Outreach Packet.

To receive guidance or suggestions on making your AIM trip a success, e-mail the national AIM office or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4039.
Some Assemblies of God Colleges and Universities offer scholarship money if a student as been on a registered AIM trip.
For more information, about AIM go to www.aim.ag.org