Club One20 | Speed the Light

This is a cause-driven generation who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We, as a Church, need to give our young people tangible solutions to the brokenness around them and a greater platform to truly change their world

Speed the Light provides essential transportation and creative communication equipment to missionaries around the world for the purpose of seeing more souls saved and lives changed for Christ. The reality is the stories of life change happens every day, but the challenge is bridging the gap for our students to see the opportunity for them to make an impact. Our students are ready for a challenge, and it's our privilege as leaders to give them the cause of Christ.

Introducing Club One20: (Like our Page on Facebook)

Become a member and join hundreds of Arizona students when you pledge $10 a month for a year ($120) to 
Speed the Light and give your first offering of $10. You will then have a Club One20 member card delivered to your church, which will identity you as a member.
This is achievable for everyone. You can give beyond the $10 a month,  but it members must give at least $120 to remain a member. $120 a year for even 1,000 students in Arizona would be $120,000 for Speed the Light. 2,000 students would be $240,000. When you give your first $30, you will receive a Club One20 Promo Kit, which includes a t-shirt, sticker, wrist band, STL print pieces, and more.
Here's what you need to know to give your students the opportunity to become a member of Club One20.
1. Introduce Club One20 to your students in a youth service and in conversation. (Show the promo video at the top of this page)
2. Have each student fill out a pledge card.
Print the pledge card and make copies, or e-mail and ask us to send you the cards to your church address. 
3. Track your student's giving in a Google Document spreadsheet. Request the link to your church's member list by e-mailing The list will automatically synch with what we have on file. All we need to know is when a student gives their first $10 and first $30. We'll send you the club member cards (after first $10) and kits (after first $30) to your church. 
4. Reward your Club One20 members for their stewardship and investment in Speed the Light.
5. Encourage students in their giving by sharing stories of missionaries on the field. 
Missionary in the Middle East/N. Africa
"I was able to purchase a one-year old 'used' 4-wheel drive Hyundai Tucson vehicle from a family leaving the country in 2010. What a gift it has been in doing the work of the Lord! In just the last year, my co-worker and I have filled it with backpacks and school supplies for needing families, 50-pound bags of flour and sugar (and other food items) for single unwed mothers and kids, diapers and baby blankets to maternity hospitals, delivered boxes of Samaritan purse gifts to various cities and villages, transported visiting teams to destinations in the High Atlas Mountains, airport departures and pickups, etc. On a daily basis, I use the car to bring people to Dr. appointments or hospitals, make visits to women I share Christ with, pick up people for Sunday services at the International Church, etc. It's even been used to transport a bride to her wedding! THANK YOU STL! This vehicle offer delivers 'hope' and 'provision' to so many needy people!"
Let us know if you have any questions about how to roll this out or if we can be of any assistance to you. AZYM serves as a resource to you engaging this generation in God's mission.