Youth Alive

  • TELLING . It presents the Message of hope to the campus through a variety of methods: See You At The Pole (SYATP), True Love WaitsThe BridgeFlip The ScriptThe Seven Project.
  • SERVICE-ORIENTED. It provides a service to the campus through various endeavors: clean-up days, canned food drives, holiday gifts and baskets for the less-fortunate, volunteer work for the school, its administration and faculty.
  • CHURCH-BASED. It seeks to maintain an open forum for all denominations and bridge a gap between students and the local church. It blends a multi-denominational effort to present the Gospel. It is a vehicle to enhance the entire Body of Christ on the campus. A Youth Alive club is a place where the Body of Christ joins together; not a place to define its differences through discussing divisive issues.
  • A SUPPORT COMMUNITY. It works to become a place where Christians on campus have the opportunity to: share needs with other students, request prayer, receive encouragement from God's Word.
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