A desert on fire, empowered by the Spirit to spread the gospel around the world.

Equipping the church for gospel-centered youth ministry, empowered by the spirit and personally responsible to the mission of God: until all know Jesus.

Youth Ministry Staff:
  • Network Youth Director: Griffin McGrath
  • Network Youth Associate: Theo Ryan
  • Assistant to the Youth Director: Brea Graff
  • Youth Alive Director: Christian Chambliss
  • Network Events Coordinator: Patricia Horn

Youth Leadership Coordinators: 
  • Tyrone Rinta (Development)
  • Amanda Randazzo (Assimilation) 
  • Blare Wood (Resource)
Youth Ministry Coordinators: 
  • Caden Metcalf (AIM)
  • Brandi Martinez (Speed the Light)
  • Zion Rempel (Fine Arts)
  • Danny Gonzales (Engage)
Area Leaders: 
These area leaders serve in their respective sections to communicate and foster community among Youth Pastors.
  • Vanessa Phillips (Central Valley)
  • Reyna Kemp (East)
  • Cherie Tyson (East Central)
  • Kayla Moncayo (North)
  • Mark McKeller (Northeast)
  • Kelly Lewandowski (Northwest)
  • Tell Masters (North Central)
  • Josh Crosby (South)
  • Jesse Ruiz (Southeast)
  • Brandi Martinez (Southeast Valley)
  • Robert Tuggle (Southwest)
  • Miguel Alvarez (West Valley)

Our Covering and Accountability: 
  • Arizona Youth Ministries is the youth initiative of the Arizona Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God (AG). There are over 53,000 members and adherents of over 220 AG churches in Arizona, and nearly 900 credentialed ministers.
  • The Arizona Ministry Network was organized in 1940, and is one of 67 districts that comprise the AG General Council (USA), the world’s largest Pentecostal fellowship (over 3 million members and adherents in the United States and more than 67 million world-wide).
    • Executive Leadership
    • Network Superintendent: Stephen L. Harris
    • Network Assistant Superintendent: Ron Rockwell
    • Network Secretary/Treasurer: Leigh Metcalf
    • Network Director of Pastoral Care: Jeff Peterson
    • Presbytery Board
    • This board is made up of Assemblies of God lead pastors who are elected by the network of ministers to serve and lead their represented areas/regions.

Assemblies of God Statement of Fundamental Truths
  • The Bible is our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice. This Statement of Fundamental Truths is intended simply as a basis of fellowship among us (i.e., that we all speak the same thing, 1 Corinthians 1:10, Acts 2:42)
  • The phraseology employed in this statement is not inspired nor contended for, but the truth set forth is held to be essential to a full-gospel ministry. No claim is made that it covers all Biblical truth, only that it covers our need as to these fundamental doctrines.
  1. The Scriptures Inspired 
  2. The One True God 
  3. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ 
  4. The Fall of Man 
  5. The Salvation of Man 
  6. The Ordinances of the Church 
  7. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit 
  8. The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit 
  9. Sanctification 
  10. The Church and Its Mission 
  11. The Ministry 
  12. Divine Healing 
  13. The Blessed Hope 
  14. The Millennial Reign of Christ 
  15. The Final Judgment 
  16. The New Heavens and the New Earth 

Core Values

  • Truth

The truth and integrity of God’s Word is our anchor and the standard in which we measure our lives and ministry by.
There is only one Jesus, but there’s always more of Him. 
Following Jesus is a daily commitment of unwavering conscious decisions; a lifetime pursuit of truth.
God is not intimidated by our doubt; we come to Him with hard questions.

Truth sets us free.
Integrity: when the belief in our head lines up with the conviction in our heart. The moment that line is crossed is when we lose it.
Truth builds confidence.
Truth strengthens trust and confidence. If we lose integrity, we lose confidence.
It takes a lifetime to build trust but only a moment to break it.


  • Honor

Honor is currency in God’s Kingdom.
We show honor to every person by the way we value, display dignity, and celebrate the unique gift he or she is to the body of Christ.
How you see people affects how you treat people.
It takes an intentional effort to treat all people with dignity and care, regardless of how you feel about them in the moment.
We look for the best in people.
The same grace that was offered to you has been offered for all people.
We embrace diversity.
Our Pentecostal heritage is infused with youth, racial liberty, and gender equality.
The best news about the Good News is that the Good News is for all people, no matter your age, gender, color, income, or disability. 

  • Grit
We can learn from anything.
A spirit of excellence does not mean we’ve accomplished everything but we learn from every experience and get better every time.
We never quit.
Failure is not the final answer. 
We always get back up.

It’s not over until God says it’s over. 
God doesn’t withdraw His call on our lives.


  • Innovation

We’ll try anything to win people to Jesus.
We do whatever it takes to bring individuals into relationship with Christ.
Obedience puts God’s reputation on the line, not ours. Don’t be afraid to look foolish.
We are fearless.
Trailblazing the new frontier.
Arizona still has a wild-west, pioneer mentality. We welcome new ideas, dreams, and models for ministry. 
We are not held back by statements like “it’s never been done this way before” or “we’ve always done it this way.” In fact, we consider those statements offensive to God.
The best is yet to come.
We live with an expectation that the greatest days are not behind us but ahead of us.
We haven’t yet uncovered the best methods of youth ministry, church planting, missions, etc. 

Speed the Light
  • What is Speed the Light (STL)?
  • The concept is simple: we give so others can speed the light of the gospel to a world in darkness. 
  • This is accomplished by providing the "essential transportation and creative communication" equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, print, audio, and digital equipment, our missionaries can help make Jesus known around the world. 
  • Speed the Light (STL) is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries.
  • STL is helping to disciple students to live a life of generosity as they become personally responsible for the mission of God.
  • STL Coordinator: Brandi Martinez
Youth Alive
  • Youth Alive exists to reach every student and every school for Christ.
  • There are 1,979 middle schools and high schools represented in the state of Arizona. 
  • In the next five years, we want to see a student and a leader raised up to reach all 1,979 campuses in Arizona. 
  • We believe this is possible by equipping students to reach students, and the church mobilizing to engage the local school campus.
  • Already, hundreds of students are taking personal responsibility to become a missionary to their school campus.
  • Youth Alive Director: Christian Chambliss (AG US Missionary)
  • What is AIM?
  • Ambassadors in Mission (AIM) is the short-term youth missions program of the Assemblies of God. AIM trips can either be stateside or international. AIM started in 1966 and now nearly 10,000 students participate on these trips each year. AIM is a coordinated effort between students, leaders, missionaries and host churches. With Assemblies of God missions in over 250 countries, the opportunities are endless. 
  • Our desire is to see every student in Arizona go on an AIM Trip before they graduate high school.
  • AIM Coordinator: Caden Metcalf
Fine Arts
  • What is Fine Arts?
  • Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of AG Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop, and deploy their ministry gifts. 
  • Students may enter as many as 75 categories offered in 9 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Enterprise, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.
  • We want to see every student discover their creative gifts, develop their craft, and deploy their gifts for ministry.
  • What is Engage?
  • Engage provides a leadership education experience for college-aged students, designed to provide a path to discover and clarify their destiny with a hands-on approach to leadership development. With the choice between two tracks, a worship/creative track or a missional track, our students will be immersed and flourish with the twentynine:eleven church culture.
  • A quality education is essential to prepare the next generation of leaders for future career opportunities, and that is why Engage has made it a priority to provide students the opportunity to work towards a degree from one of our partner schools or universities, or an accredited college of their choice.
  • Engage Arizona Director: Danny Gonzales

Youth Convention
  • Arizona Youth Convention is an annual two-day Fall conference in Phoenix for students (ages 12-18) and churches, uniting together for a genuine encounter with God that propels us with a greater passion for the local church, community outreach, and global initiatives. 
  • For more than 40 years, we have been growing leaders and equipping  thousands of students as we celebrate the cultural diversity among hundreds of churches across Arizona. 
  • We believe that we are better together in the sole purpose of seeing Jesus known in every nation! 
Youth Camps
  • Arizona Youth Camps are all about students encountering God together. 
  • Located in one of the most desirable locations in Prescott, Granite Hills is easily accessible off of Iron Springs Road near downtown – a safe community, close in proximity to a hospital and fire station, large outdoor swimming pool, and newly constructed giant swing, high ropes course, and climbing tower. 
  • Our six camp offerings can accommodate most schedules during busy summers, small camp sizes (400 or less) offer more access to experienced youth leaders/worship leaders/pastors who teach, inspire, and truly care about the spiritual growth of each student. 
  • Most importantly, our camp environment is designed for students to find Jesus and grow together as spiritually mature Christ-followers.
Fine Arts Festival
  • Arizona Fine Arts Festival is an annual two-day arts festival in Phoenix for students (ages 12-18), discovering, developing, and deploying their ministry gifts. 
  • Students may enter as many as 75 categories offered in 9 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Enterprise, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.
  • Students are evaluated by a panel and offered feedback for further development and preparation for ministry.
  • Each year, we showcase the amazing students in Arizona that inspire us to dream big and shape culture for God.
Missions Tour
  • This is a winter tour of regional youth services around the state, meeting with students and pastors in their sections.
  • The purpose of these rallies is to foster community among our churches and to encourage students and leaders to live with an urgency of telling people about the hope of Jesus.
  • We share stories of students, missionaries, and launch vision for new ministry initiatives. 
  • Every church is invited to the tour stop in their section and to rally the youth of their church to attend this exciting event!
Youth Leaders’ Summit
  • This is our annual weekend youth leadership training event in January.
  • The Arizona Youth Leaders’ Summit is the best environment for spiritual formation and leadership development among a like-minded community of youth leaders around the state.
  • We encourage Youth Pastors to bring their spouse (if married), leadership team, and candidates for youth leadership for a weekend of celebration, ministry, prayer, vision casting, and practical team building.
  • We intentionally schedule time for networking, resourcing, and training leaders to be effective in our areas of ministry. 
  • As part of the weekend event, we take a night to honor and celebrate our Youth Pastors around the state with an appreciation banquet.