Daily Pursuit | 1MONTH CHALLENGE


Introducing a One Month AZYM Challenge in April. This is an invitation to every church, every leader, and every student to accept the challenge to read your Bible every day and take your Bible with you everywhere you go for four full weeks in April. 

According to the American Bible Society, Phoenix is the ninth least Bible minded city in the United States. Carrying your Bible for a month, visible for all to see, and reading the inspired Word of God isn’t going to make people know Jesus; however, the potential conversations that arise and the knowledge to live out the promises of God might be the catalyst to an opportunity to give witness and pray for someone seeking the truth of the gospel. 

Imagine… students in churches across the state, boldly living out the gospel. Daily pursuing Jesus. 

Below is a recommended Bible reading plan for you and your friends to journey with us through the Book of Mark in a month, and we’re challenging everyone to take your bible with you to school, work, practice, out to the mall, wherever you go.

Join the conversation by following @azagym on Twitter and Instagram, tagging #DailyPursuit in your posts. Watch for additional challenges and stories from leaders, speakers, and peers. Who knows, you might not be able to stop :)


Download graphics, reading guide, and social media postables HERE.